Spare No Effort To Boost Medical Devices Export! ——UN Bidding Procurement You Must Know, UN Healthcare Product Procurement Training Seminar

  • 2016-08-11

[November 4~5, 2016, Beidaihe New District in Qinghuangdao]

Sponsored by: The United Nations Office for Project Services, Qinghuangdao Municipal People's Government

Undertaken by: Qinghuangdao Untitled Health City Development Company

Co-organized by: China Association for Medical Devices Industry, China Reproductive Health Industry Association, and China Bidding

In recent years, with the continuous development and learning and drawing lessons from international markets, especially continuous improvement of commodity product quality and export qualification, China health care industry gained much more recognition for its manufacturers in the international markets. Some manufacturers even become the potential supplier of UN procurement through international certifications such as ISO13485, CE and PQ. However, due to lack of knowledge of UN procurement regulations and procedures, failure to obtain UN procurement information timely and effectively, and insufficient international professional bidding personnel and experiences, China health care corporations lost many opportunities of directly involving in UN procurement, mostly acting as “manufacturers”.

The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) is a professional association responsible for project management and public procurement in the UN system. By inviting procurement representatives of related institutions within the UN system, procurement personnel in charge of key countries, and suppliers of UN procurement, the UNOPS sponsored the Seminar centered on UN procurement requirements, rules and procedures, and shared experiences in health care products, in order to help Chinese enterprises understand and participate in UN procurement activities, and finally make high-quality and cheap products or services accessible to people around the world.

The main training subjects of the Seminar are medical devices suppliers with export qualification. As an important co-organizer, China Association for Medical Devices Industry will help you familiarized with the UN bidding and procurement, thus improving export of medical devices!

For any doubt, please consult by telephone or email:

The UNOPS: Teng Fei; Tel.: 010-65327699-805; Email:

China Association for Medical Devices Industry: Zhang Lin; Tel.: 010-85659323; Email: