Academician Dai Kerong: 3D Printing Grabs the Rest of My Life

  • 2019-03-08
“3D printing is a kind of technology that can be used to create unique products. What drives the combination of medicine and 3D printing is the large imperfection existing in medicine for a long time—personalization. We can’t help but be attracted by the charm of 3D printing, by which we may be capable of realizing many dreams. What a gratified picture it will be if any planted components can be customized. 3D printing has brought about unprecedented reform to traditional process technology and manufacturing industry, equivalent to steam engine and Internet. Thanks to the enormous financial support, we hope that the highly-valued 3D printing in China will one day top the world. We shall pave the way for new technology, device and product scientifically and sincerely, as they are developed to treat patients.” Academician Dai Kerong stated that we must stick to the reform of technology in all fields, and that paving the way for 3D printing is the only sure path to see a sound and rapid development.

Academician Dai Kerong was devoted to the medical devices with shape memory effect in his early career.

Participants Introduction

Dai Kerong, tenured professor of Ninth Hospital Medical School attached to Shanghai Second Medical University, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and foreign corresponding member of France National Academy of Medicine. Now he assumes the director of Innovative Research Center of Medical 3D Printing, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, director of Engineering Research Center of Digital Medicine and Clinical Translation, Ministry of Education, PRC, and director of Clinical Translational Center of Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine. He has served as the president of the International Chinese-Speaking Orthopaedic Society, president of the Asia-Pacific Arthroplasty Society, vice-president of Interdisciplinary Research Association on Biomaterials and trustee of AO Foundation, etc. He had been elected as an active member of International Hip Society, and corresponding member of American Orthopaedic Association. Through the interdisciplinary research on medicine, engineering, biology, and materials, Prof. Dai developed the new bone implants and techniques, and actively promoted the medical application of 3D printing, and basic research and clinical techniques of artificial joint and bone regeneration, orthopaedic rehabilitation.