Preparatory Meeting for the Establishment of the newborn Medical Branch of China Association for Medical Devices Industry Held in Hangzhou

  • 2018-08-01

The preparatory meeting for the Establishment of the newborn Medical Branch (hereinafter referred to as “the Branch”) of China Association for Medical Devices Industry was held on July 29, 2018 in Hangzhou. Nearly 40 participants, including Mr. Zhang Lin, the deputy secretary-general of China Association for Medical Devices Industry (CAMDI) and secretary-general of Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Branch of CAMDI, Mr. Duan Pengfei, the director of Media Department of China Medical Device Information Periodical Office and secretary-general of Infection and Control Technology Committee of CAMDI, Mr. Wu Yinglong, the deputy director of the CAMDI office, Prof. Wu Benqing, the vice president of Shenzhen Hospital, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mr. Chen Chao, a professor of Children’s Hospital of Fudan University and Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University, Prof. Zhou Wei, the director of NICU of Guangzhou Women and Children’s Medical Center, Prof. Li Zhankui, the director of NICU of Northwest Women and Children's Hospital, Prof. Li Qiuping, the director of extremely preterm NICU of BAYI Children’s Hospital, Prof. Cheng Xiuyong, the director of NICU of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, Prof. Qiu Gang, the director of NICU of Children’s Hospital of Shanghai, Prof. Lin Zhenlang, the president of the Second Affiliated Hospital and Yuying Children's Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, Prof. Wu Mingyuan, the director of NICU of Women's Hospital School of Medicine Zhejiang University, Prof. Liu Hanchu, the director of NICU of Wuhan Children's Hospital, Prof. Zhang Aimin, the director of Neonatology Department of Hunan Provincial People's Hospital, Mr. Wu Hui, a professor of Neonatology Department of the First Hospital of Jilin University, Mr. Huang Lei, a professor of Shandong Province Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, Ms. Zhang Li, the deputy director of Zhejiang Institute for the Control of Medical Device, and representatives of Shenzhen Mindray, Shenzhen Comen, Ningbo DAVID, GE Medical, Dräger, PerkinElmer, SonoScape Medical, Masimo, Beijing Sibeikang, Nanjing Starton, Zhejiang Biosan, Guangzhou Medimagem, Nanjing Jinling, VADI MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY and media representatives attended the meeting. Prof. Wu Benqing, as one of the sponsors, presided over the meeting.

Zhang Lin, the deputy secretary general, on behalf of the CAMDI, made a speech. He expressed his appreciation to the experts and the enterprise representatives for their concerning and supporting to the establishment of the Branch, and then spoke highly of the sponsors for their planning and implementation of the preparations. He also encouraged the participants to share their opinions and suggestions on the construction of the Branch.

As the most important sponsor of the Branch, Prof. Wu Benqing, the vice president of Shenzhen Hospital, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, detailed the background, progress and planning of the newborn Medical Branch of CAMDI. He highlighted that the neonatology focuses on the care of the origin of life, the development of which relates to the quality of the population of the strength of the country. As the only national industry organization focusing on neonatal medicine in the medical device industry, the Branch will adhere to the policy of “serve the industry, coordinate with the government and improve ourselves”, cooperating with superior medical institutions, research institutions, enterprises and well-known experts to realize the government-industry-university-research-hospital collaboration, and combine the use, R&D, demonstration, with production links for effective transformation of innovative technologies and establishment of product inspection and certification standards, so as to ensure standardized and orderly development of neonatal medical technologies and products. We will also develop technical discussion, exchange, investigation, consultation and training to improve the innovative capacity in the newborn medical field, drive forward the newborn medical technology and ensure the healthy development of the neonatal medicine industry in China.

During the free discussion, Mr. Yi Mingsheng, the president of the Strategic Development Center of Shenzhen Comen Medical Instruments Co., Ltd., one of the sponsors of the Branch, shared his feelings about the preparation of the Branch. He said “nothing starts easy, but it is meaningful to build up a government-industry-university-research-hospital exchange and cooperation platform to contribute to the sound development of the industry.

The participating experts exchanged their opinions on the Branch and spoke well of the establishment of the organization consisting of production and R&D and the upstream and downstream firms, medical institutions, scientific research institutes, testing & inspection institute of medical devices, registration and experts.