Science: The 2017 Best Employers list of life sciences

  • 2017-10-28

Science has been making online survey for the “top employer” in life science field since 2002 from the biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and other companies of relevant industries. The companies are assessed in terms of financial power, flexibility and R&D drive in the survey, and the final ranking is based on several factors, including industry innovation status, consistency of corporate culture value with personal value of the employees, respect to the employees, social responsibility, employee loyalty and foresight.

Recently, Science released the Science 2017 Top Employer. In the list, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (US), Novozymes (Denmark), Vertex Pharma (US), rank the top three, followed by Merck KGaA (Denmark), Novo Nordisk (Denmark), Moderna Therapeutics (US), Genentech (US), Eli Lilly (US), Biocon (India), AbbVie (US).

In 2017, nearly 7,000 respondents reply the online survey, which is the largest number in 15 years. As in previous years, the respondents give priority to the innovation, active working culture and social responsibility of the corporation and highlight the board support of the corporation to scientific education when evaluating the top employer.

Three Features of Top 10 Enterprises:

X-axis: leading industry status in innovation; Y-axis: respect to employees; bubble width: consistency of corporate culture value with the personal value of the employees.